Get Involved

The Cornell Open Data Initiative (CODI) is the product of many individual contributors’ hard work and effort

Contributing to CODI is a great way to support the Cornell community, as wellas the broader open source and open data communities. We have a wide variety of ways in which members (or non-members) can contribute, and are always willing to appropriately credit individuals or organizations for their contributions.

Additionally, working on CODI is a great learning experience. Our members are caring, empathetic and dedicated to helping build the community, so they’re always willing to lend a hand, give feedback or help find a project that’s right for your skills and interests.


Not sure where to start? Don’t be afraid to reach out!

We are always looking for people interested in contributing to the organization and if you have any questions or comments about CODI or about getting involved, let us know!


Ways to Contribute

There are ways for people of many different skillsets (and all skill levels) to help out.


Data Engineering

Our datasets don’t add themselves, so we always need help scraping, cleaning and documenting new sources of data.


Data Analysis

The data (and our work) is useless unless people use it. We’ve got tons of ideas for apps or anlayses if you’re stuck, or are available to consult if you need help with best practices.


Software Engineering

It takes a lot of (open-source) software to serve our data up to the world. Help us keep our servers running, as well as build exciting new features and APIs.


Software Architecture

We’re not just a repository of data, but a resource to the Cornell data community. Help establish best practices for how to structure our software, as well as how to best utilize our data products.



Promoting the resources of CODI is a great way to increase the impact of the project and, ultimiately, its benefit for the Cornell community.


Business Development

Identifying which datasets and products to prioritize, interfacing with our supporting organizations and helping support open data efforts beyond Cornell are just some of what our business developers are responsible for.